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Dino Valente A look back with Elaine ... DinoValenti - Singer, Songwriter and Poet
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In Memory of JOHN BIRD Gary Duncan with Automatic Pilot
San Francisco's satiric / erotic jazz wave ensemble Unreleased demos from 1984! These songs were recorded at the Sammy Gene Music studio in San Rafael in 1984. Gary hung out there with engineer Bob Ohlsson and drummer Sammy Piazza, who did not play on these songs but did play on Dream A Lot. Gary also contributed to the arrangement and production of these songs. These songs also feature performances by percussionist Pete Escovedo, bassist Frank Zincavage (of Romeo Void), and Automatic Pilot. Click here for MP3s and streaming audio. The Jon Hammond Band When I first started playing as a professional in 1960, that's 45 years ago, Hammond made a lot of Hammond B3 Organs. There were a lot of B3 players in those days. Hammond also made an option which attached to the legs of the organ and sat on the floor. It had keys like a Piano but the keys were about three times the size of the Piano. It was made to play Bass. You played it with your feet. Not everybody had one cause it was hard to play.............. like riding a bicycle and flying a plane at the same time. Back in those days when you were auditioning an Organist (and it was always a B3.....never a Farfisa) the first question which was usually asked by the Bass player was "Does he Kick Pedals, or....Can the Man Dance".....meaning Can the B3 player play Bass with his feet which meant the Bass Player was out of a Gig. Not every B3 player could "Kick Bass"..............only the Great ones Jon Hammond "KICKS PEDALS............and "THE MAN CAN DANCE!!" Just listen Gary Duncan
Quicksilver Messenger Service MUSIC FROM THE JON HAMMOND BAND
Nicky Hopkins Page
"Hopkins was undoubtedly one of the most talented piano players to have graced British rock during this era."
The John Cipollina Memorial Photo Page
by Michael Kirschner "From the time I arrived in San Francisco in 1982 until John's untimely demise in 1989, I attended many of his gigs ... These photos are from those gigs at The Fresno Saloon (later just "The Saloon"), Ms. Keiko's Chi Chi Club, The Keystone Berkeley, Wolfgang's, and other places I just don't remember..." The Quicksilver Concert Timeline
by Marc Skobac
Blow your mind with a nearly complete list of QMS gigs from 66 to 75! QUICKSILVER DISCOGRAPHY

  • Quicksilver Messenger Service (Capitol, 1968)
  • Happy Trails (Capitol, 1969)
  • Shady Grove (Capitol, 1970)
  • Just For Love (Capitol, 1970)
  • What About Me (Capitol, 1971)
  • Quicksilver (Capitol, 1971)
  • Comin' Thru (Capitol, 1972)
  • Anthology (Capitol, 1973)
  • Solid Silver (Capitol #11820, 1975)
  • Peace by Piece ( Pymander , 1986)
  • Sons of Mercury: The Best of Quicksilver Messenger Service, 1968-1975 (Rhino, 1991)
  • Shape Shifter ( Pymander , 1996)
  • Live at Fieldstone (Captain Trip / Pymander , 1997)
  • A great place for the new Quicksilver fan to start is with the outstanding Rhino collection! Almost all the essential music in a well-packaged two CD box set. The other purchase I would definitely recommend is Happy Trails, recorded mostly live at the Fillmores and one of the coolest live albums ever (IMHO). After that you can fill in according to your taste. Although Quicksilver always had solid musicianship and free spirit, there is a noticeable difference in style along the way as members came and went. Get the Rhino collection and go from there!

    Quicksilver had the standout scene in both Days of Future Past and Apocalypse , so it’ll be interesting to see how he’s put to use in Dark Phoenix . If they keep the timeline of these last two films and jump to the 90s, there’s plenty of opportunities for a great needledrop—”The Power”, anyone? The sequel is marking the directorial debut of X-Men writer/producer Simon Kinberg , who’s cutting his teeth on a massive film with a daunting cast. In addition to the aforementioned performers, Tye Sheridan , Sophie Turner , Alexandra Shipp , and Kodi Smit-McPhee will all be returning after making their debuts in Apocalypse as Cylcops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Nightcrawler, respectively. Jessica Chastain is also said to be in talks to play the film’s villain, Lilandra , but it doesn’t sound like that deal has closed yet so it’s possible someone else ends up filling that role.

    Quicksilver Messenger Service - The Ultimate JourneyQuicksilver Messenger Service - The Ultimate JourneyQuicksilver Messenger Service - The Ultimate JourneyQuicksilver Messenger Service - The Ultimate Journey